Learn How Pure Energy Sleep Systems can Benefit YOU!

Pure Energy Sleep System™ mattresses convert your body’s energy into infrared light (FIR), which is then reflected back into your body. Infrared light technology is used by doctors to increase energy, endurance, strength and stamina. The various combinations of the below patented and core technologies work together to provide you with better sleep and improved overall well-being.


Why Buy a Pure Energy - Product Knowledge Brochure

This brochure details how our Pure Energy Sleep Systems can help your customers grow both physically and mentally. It talks about how we've built these products with special technologies that have been proven to help your body and mind!

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Pure Energy Sleep System - Pure Proof eBook

Discover what differentiates the Pure Energy Sleep Systems brand. This eBook explains the technology behind & within Pure Energy mattresses, and show why, unlike other mattresses, Pure Energy has science backing its claims up.

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Cellitex Recovery Latex - Product Knowledge Brochure

This brochure gives you a full background about our Cellitex™ Recovery Latex. This patented material only available in the Pure Energy Sleep System. Derived from the hevea brasiliensis tree, Cellitex™ is a natural form of latex which conforms to the contours of your body to provide pressure relieving comfort to:

• Reduce soreness and muscle fatigue
• Increase strength and stamina
• Reduces pressure points

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Pure Energy Sleep System - Table of Benefits

This product knowledge piece is all about describing each of benefits of our Pure Energy Sleep Systems. They are complicated products, but with this table of features & benefits, we hope you can understand better the difference between each of our Pure Energy models.

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